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Our supporters towards it what we would like to provide:
The creation of the harmony of the body and the soul.

The vitality it gave age and a situation a psychological viewpoint suitable energy level. The vitality means energetic, vitality according to a word; but this is very important to add to it that all age and a situation have his own activity level and his energy needs measured against this.
The healthy nutrition is one of the keystone of the vital life. The eating not merely nutrient input, but very important joy source. Infancy being imprinted it, that the eating with a relaxing effect, we handle a food because of this if we are looking for spiritual calming down. But, we avoid increasingly more stress into a situation, or we are looking for a joy source, we start eating as an instinctive and automatic answer.
Relaxing hormones are freed at this time, our general condition will be right because of this, and we feel satisfied. Being on a diet is heavy because we divest ourselves of an important joy source. It is not allowed to deprive the organization of an important sedimentation opportunity like this in such a way that we do not give an other one instead.
We compensate for this with motion, sport. The sport frees endorphin in the brain, i mean we may achieve the desired calming down with this if we find the sporting activity cut to fit we, which we do with pleasure,, satisfaction feeling. We may preserve it so the testi- and our spiritual balance. The we a supporter may achieve it with sport programs offered by us simply and supported the harmony, besides onto new knowledge an implement may be put onto friendships or contacts.

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